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The metaverse is not a one thing, one place or one campaign – it's a new type of interaction, expression and visualization of our ideas, products and personalities.

It means a new way of doing business, where community, creativity and immersion are key and XR solutions provided in collaboration with experts are the means to get there.

Below you will find 3 steps you need to take to get moving into Web3.

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Digital Creator

Lenslist is like an archive, encyclopedia and newspaper of Instagram filters. They do an amazing job of creating a sense of value to each filter that they feature and review, boosting the community and new creators to engage.

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Isabelle Udo

Digital Creator

In a completely new industry, Lenslist is playing a major role when it comes to creating visibility for starting digital artists. Lenslist has proven to be a reliable and safe platform to celebrate digital Artists from all over the world and I couldn't be more thankful for that! The Lenslist platform is a truly inspiring place for me to check out the newest techniques, features and upcoming artists. Keep up the amazing work!

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Digital Creator

Lenslist is my go-to place to find inspiration and also find talented creators to connect with. They have helped grow and connect the AR community. Definitely the best and most trusted website to find the latest AR creations!

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Don Allen

Digital Creator

I just love how inspiring and informative the Lenslist community is. Whenever I need a spark of innovation and insight I take a look at all the beautiful work set up and curated here.

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Meta-brands ranking

We’re ranking consumer brands from different industries according to their usage of AR/VR solutions in marketing and sales.

Rank Brand Industry No. of XR Experiences* Overall Quality Score Explore effects
1. Dior Fashion 75 8.5
2. Netflix TV 109 8.0
3. Disney TV 53 8.0
4. Coca-Cola FMCG 54 7.5
5. Red Bull FMCG 47 7.5
6. Gucci Fashion 31 8.5
7. L’Oréal Paris Beauty 39 7.5
8. Nike Fashion 32 8.5
9. McDonald's Fast Food 89 7.0
10. Maybelline Beauty 34 7.0

* According to our research

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