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Hi again, Creators! We welcome you to the second edition of our prized Call for Content, organized in partnership with Spark AR, where you can win up to $5,000! 💰

This time, we challenge you to…

Create and publish an AR Effect that will show off your vision of Our Future Planet 🔮🌍

Imagine how nature, people and life might look like in the 22nd century – we welcome both optimistic and pessimistic visions here – just express your future-telling & AR skills!

We also listened to your feedback from our first Call for Content, that’s why this time, we’re splitting our contest in two tracks:

1. Track #1: World AR

Transport us to your version of Our Future Planet – is it a magical forest, a city full of skyscrapers, an apocalyptic desert or maybe a totally virtual space inside the Metaverse? Don’t tell us, take us there!

In this track, you can win:

  • 2 x $5,000 🏆
  • 10 x $1,000 🏅

2. Track #2: Face Masks

How do you think us humans and our surroundings will change within the next 100 years? Are we going to become robots, interact with each other as avatars, go live underwater or maybe up in space? Express your predictions about Our Future Planet!

In this track, you can win:

  • 5 x $3,000 🏆
  • 5 x $1,000 🏅

So, the overall prize pool went up to $40,000!



Explore examples of AR Effects we’d definitely welcome in our #2 Call for Content 👇

by enuriru

🔮Can you hear me?
by visualize.mee

by artofchange21

🔮Matrix Makeup
by christ.op

🔮Vietnam 2077
by sadhighkid

🔮Plant A Coral
by eauthermaleavenesg

🔮Social Scanner
by seelosdvd

🔮S.O.S Terra
by reidosgifs

by omega.c

by natachaborisovnna

by kevinkriado

🔮Save The Oceans
by naza.carrero

by bethwickerson

🔮Spectra Pro
by chungcy

🔮Boston Dynamics SPOT
by wafidose_off

by videorbit.studio

What is World AR?

When talking about World AR, we mean all AR Effects designed for the back camera of your smartphone that place AR objects into people’s surroundings.

One way of doing this is by moving an object from camera space into world space. If an object is in world space, you can set it to be in a fixed location in someone’s environment. Only mobile devices with gyroscopes can use Effects in world space.

Another way of creating a world Effect is with the plane tracker, which finds a horizontal surface in the real world, like a floor to table. We highly encourage you to explore tracking with recently upgraded possibilities and accuracy, both for plane and target tracking.

Learn how to create a World AR Effect in Spark AR

Step 1: Introduction to World AR

Step 2: Creating a Particle World Effect

Step 3: Plane Tracker

Step 4: Target Tracker

Step 5: Scaling Objects for the Real World

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Make sure you read our Contest Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before submitting.

Who can take part?

  • This Contest is open globally (see exceptions in the question below),
  • You need to be at least 18 years old,
  • Employees of Facebook, Inc. and Lenslist (both Lenslist and Lens That) and their immediate family are not eligible to participate,
  • Both individual Creators and collaborative Teams of 2-4 Creators can participate,
  • Brands and professional AR Agencies can not participate in the prize draw,
  • Spark AR Network Partners can participate.

Residents of which countries can NOT take part?

This Contest IS NOT open to: Individuals who are residents of, or entities/organizations domiciled in countries noted in the EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions: American Samoa, Anguilla, Dominica, Fiji, Guam, Palau, Panama, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, US Virgin Islands, Vanuatu, Seychelles, as well as any country that is not under any trade or economic sanction or on any program or country list designated by the United States Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, or where the laws of the United States or local law prohibits their participation or receipt a prize in any contest and specifically excludes Quebec (CA), China, Crimea, Cuba, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

Which means that this contest IS OPEN to our fans from Brazil! 💖🇧🇷

How to take part?

1. Create & Publish your AR Effect

  • First things first – Design your AR Effect in Spark AR and then publish it on Instagram. Download Spark AR here,
  • Keep in mind, your Effect should coincide with the theme: Our Future Planet 🔮🌍,
  • Keep in mind that in order for your submission to be valid, Effects must be published on your Instagram account via Spark AR Hub. If your Effect didn’t go through the verification process yet, you can also submit it using the demo/test link. Go here to find out how to publish a link-only effect,
  • Works must follow Facebook’s Community Standards and comply with Facebook’s Terms of Service, Spark AR Studio Terms, Spark AR and Frame Studio Terms and Spark AR Policies,
  • Important note: Retain your original source files in the highest quality possible, as we might need them to make the final decision.
  • Read our Terms & Conditions.

2. Submit your AR Effect using our Submission Form at the bottom of this page 👇

  • Each Creator or Team can submit maximum 10 Effects in total, not per Track. Please keep in mind that you’ll need to pick which Track are you submitting the Effect for in the Submission Form,
  • Each and every Effect should be submitted separately,
  • At the Effect Submission level, we added a “Description” space for you to describe your Effect, if you’d like to explain your idea further (it’s optional),
  • When submitting your first Effect, you’ll have to fill in a short form concerning your Spark AR experience and basic personal information,
  • In 48h you will get a confirmation email from our Lenslist Team, so that you can be sure your entry was valid and in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.
  • Go to the form at the bottom of this page and submit your vision of Our Future Planet 🔮🌍!

What are the judging criteria?

  • 25%: Craftsmanship: technical achievements, capabilities used, ability to take advantage of the platform;
  • 25% Originality: uniqueness, difference from other submissions;
  • 25%: Creativity: creativity of elements used to create the Effect;
  • 25%: Theme: how well the Effect makes use of the contest theme.

Which Effects are not eligible for this Contest?

  • Your AR project can’t include references to any real people, dangerous situations, other brands, show or imply alcohol or drunkenness, or anything offensive,
  • It has to be original! It means you can’t use any third-party pre-existing copyright materials and/or stock images in your project. No other person or entity may have rights to any submitted Work, while you can still use royalty free assets,
  • Effects submitted for our Contest can be used by you for personal, non-commercial and portfolio use only,
  • Lenslist reserves the right to remove inappropriate, offensive and harmful submissions as well as projects that do not fit the brief.

Does my Effect have to be published? Can I use a demo link?

In order for your submission to be valid, Effects should be published on your Instagram account via Spark AR Hub, so no other software or platform can be used. Although, if your Effect didn’t go through the verification process yet, you can also submit it using the demo/test link. Go here to find out how to publish a link-only effect.

What kind of assets can I use in my submission? Can I use copyrighted material?

You can use free assets (eg. from Sketchfab) or those with royalty-free, non-commercial license as a part of your submitted Effect. You can’t use any third-party pre-existing copyright materials and/or stock images in your project. No other person or entity may have rights to any submitted Work.

Do I give away the rights to my Effect when submitting it?

Your ideas are safe with us! Submissions will not be visible to the public on Lenslist until the Submission Period is over, although, during the Submission Period, your project may be featured on Lenslist social media channels – of course with credits given to you – only as a way of spreading the word about our Call for Content. Your design is your property and it will stay that way!

Do I need to have a Facebook/Instagram account?

In order to take part, you need to have a valid Facebook account. It means that all Facebook/Instagram accounts must be at least thirty (30) days old and have not changed the age or date of birth in the last 30 days prior to entering the Contest.

Is there any Submission Fee to take part in the contest?

No, submitting your Effect to our Contest is totally free. Both downloading the software and entering the Contest do not require any additional fee on your part.